What I can do for you:

You are someone who needs creative web design, interface design, or custom illustrations. Let me fend off bad, unorganized design and give your idea a fighting chance. I have the ability to make your wants and needs a reality.

I can benifit your company by using the tools and skills I have gained over the 5-year span working in the field of graphic design, along with the 3 years of training diligently for a diploma in graphic design that I combined with a more recent expedition into the realm of interactive multimedia that earned me a 1-year certificate. I continue to fight the good fight for: websites; marketing campaigns, print or otherwise; and all of the other innocent bystanders that feel small and trapped among the vast landscape of rich media.

Whatever you might be looking for I will rise to the challenge. If you are in need, you may contact me I will respond so we can discuss what I can do for you.

Current Status:

I am currently in a 6-month contract as an Interactive Presentation Designer.

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